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Environmental Challenges

How does it work?

Participate in a three-week challenge at your school or workplace, trying out sustainable activities in your daily life together with your classmates or colleagues.

Reduce carbon emissions and inspire your team by doing activities that are environmentally friendly, good for your health and good for your wallet.
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Get started easily

Some of Duckys activity iconsDiscoverSimple and highly effective actions for you to do in your everyday life.
Some participants of a Ducky challenge.CollaborateWork together against other teams and see who can reduce their carbon footprint the most?
Some of Duckys activities in a city.See the bigger pictureGain insights into how numerous small initiatives can combine to make larger environmental impacts.
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It would be great if we could get this in all schools in Norway.

Morten Tryti Berg, Malvik High SchoolParticipant, Trondheim Climate Championship 2017

The ducky app

Available on all devices

Ducky is a Progressive Web App. This means you can get all our content on all your devices.

No need to use Google Play or App Store. Log into a challenge from your mobile and download it. Simple!
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Do you want to carry out an environmental challenge at your workplace?

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